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March 22nd Update

Updates for, Mar 22, 2019

Today I thought about making the two java programs that I had on my webpage into java applets but it was too much work and I would have had to re-create all of the code in almost a different programing language. So I made a javascript equivalent of my java program and had some frustrating moments when it looked like it should work and in theroy should but it ended up being the wrong element id that I was having it look for. So with that solved, it worked very well and I didn't need to embed a website runner. If you want to learn more about that, or to request something like that. You can look for my emails here and you can look for the program request here. Stay tuned for more updates, thanks for reading and have a good time. Talk to you all later, bye!

About me

This will be about me, Mar 21, 2019

So just a little bit about me. I like programing, gaming, hunting and fishing. I love the outdoors as much as I love sitting in front of a computer screen. Coding is my escape from reality, it helps me think through things. When I have trouble thinking of ideas, I like to ask friends what I should do. And if you want input on that, just go back to my homepage and click on program request. If you like the work I do, then please stay tuned as all of my future projects will have release updates on here along with a button to it on my homepage. I just want to thank you all for taking the time to learn a bit about me. And I will talk to all of you later, bye.